Ride into the New Year with these 9 new cool gears and gadgets!

Ring in the New Year with this list of 9 gadgets and gears that will match your bike!


Perhaps one of the most used phrases every year is “New year, new me”. While it may sound cliché, and many tend to roll their eyes at anyone who seems to believe that New Year Resolutions can be achieved,  for many, 1st January is regarded as the day meant for fresh beginnings, a day when the old can be forgotten and one can start afresh, with a new hope and more memories to be made on the way, and what better way to celebrate and create memories this year than to hop on your bike and ride it to places unknown, to your heart’s content.

A new year is often regarded as a way to end a chapter, good or bad, and start afresh with a blank page waiting to be filled with new journeys that you’d like to take on that Wicked Ride of yours.

There’s truly no better way to start the New Year’s day, by grabbing on to your gear and whisking off to a journey unknown, where you can discover new places and build new memories to fill into those blank pages.

It has been rightly said that change is the only constant, and if you’re an ardent believer of starting afresh on New Year’s, then there’s no better way to ring in the New Year with some crazy and helpful gadgets and gears that you can use whilst you ride away to make memories.

So sit back and relax as we at Wicked Ride provide you with a list of some must-haves for 2018!

9. A Smartphone Charger and Mount


Smartphones have indeed become an integral part of our lives, and are needed especially by riders who’d like to use their GPS on their phones, or Snapchat their journey along the way, or perhaps answer their calls and messages as they ride. Finding the perfect smartphone mount and the charger that can keep your phone alive and kicking, can be a cumbersome task. This is exactly what the Resonate ChargePLUS provides the biker enthusiast within you with; a new lifestyle on how you have been charging your smartphone and other devices. And to mount the phone once it is all charged up, RAM Mounts ensure your phone is mounted for turn-by-turn directions and ChargePLUS Pro Uno fits clearly along with the RAM Mount X-Grip. Also, try the WICK5 special code on their site, and thank us later!

8. Saddle Bag


Motorcyclists often struggle with storage issues, given how bikes often do not come with a lot of storage. However, a portable Saddle bag can help solve that issue, and one that would be suitable for you would be the TRIPMACHINE Hybrid Saddlebag Warrior Chestnut, a really tough bag, made from special dust and water repellent suede for your unplanned situations. And if you would like to carry your laptop, it’s a got a cozy nice compartment for that too apart from the pockets for your essentials.

7. Gloves & A Jacket

gloves-png           jacket-png

A biker is almost unrecognizable without his signature biker jacket and gloves, and finding the perfect set is very important for a biker, as they’re not only suppose to be aesthetically pleasing, they’re also suppose to be water, oil and dirt resistant. The Air GT v2.0  jacket by Rynox  would be the perfect pick for this purpose. It is made of genuine leather and has a durable material design and pre-curved shape as per the riding style. And as for the gloves, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Inferno Pro Gloves by Rynox which are perfect for pairing with the jacket.

6. Helmet

Image result for HJC CS 15 bike helmet


Another signature product that adds to a biker’s personality and is a must-have, is a helmet. A helmet must also be aesthetically pleasing and must have all the necessary qualities and must adhere to all the necessary safety standards. The HJC CS 15 bike helmet is perfect for the avid biker. With its Anti-Fog prepared shield and the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System that keeps the humidity in check, it is perfect for rides across geographies.

5. T-shirts


A little swag as you ride on, will just make it a more exciting experience. You could pick a cool t-shirt from the 100KMPH site that goes with your attitude. There are some really fun ones that they’ve with them. A little vanity never hurt nobody!

4. Bike Seat Covers


In the blistering heat of the sun, sweat and heat are unavoidable and hence it is necessary to have the perfect seat cover to ensure that the biker gets breathable airflow and is easy to install and fix. The Vheelocity motorcycle and scooter cover is made of high quality material in net fabric and is light weight and durable.

3. Biker Boots


Footwear is often not considered essential for bikers however, having the perfect boots adds to the complete look of a perfect biker. The Gato Boots not only have contemporary design and style, they also are made of high quality synthetic leather and is available in a verity of colors ensuring maximum comfort for the rider.

2. Action Camera


This one’s a special recommendation that we have from a passionate biker, Bulu Biker who loves documenting his soulful experiences as he rides and shares them with his Youtube followers, and hence this comes from the horse’s mouth. The SJCam SJ6 camera with the external mic support is great for bikers who love stopping by something interesting they see on their ride and speaking into the mic to record it.

1. Wicked Ride Coupons:

What could possibly be the perfect gift to oneself, that would let the motorhead hop on a fancy bike, hit the road and go at his/her calling with a force mightier than the bike itself! And for us, nothing tops the feeling of being able to fuel such experiences for our fellow riders. So here’s a coupon that you could use to get a great deal and get this going for your friend.


We at Wicked Ride hope that this list combined by our team has helped provide a perspective into what would be the perfect way to start your New Year with these fancy new items.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year all over again. May the new year bring immense happiness and prosperity for all.

Let’s ride into the New Year with lots of zest and joy!


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